Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Word of Life Fellowship Church

Many of you know that I am a Pastor at the Word of Life Fellowship Church but don't really know the story of how I became one and how this is related to what we do here. 

One of the Meetings outside of classroom setting - talking and discussing life in Ministry with the pastors and Church leaders.
SERVE is known in Kenya as a Leadership Training and Church Development ministry. Most people are familiar with the Leadership Training aspect of SERVE through BTCP/L (Bible Training Center for Pastors and Church Leaders). We have been training pastors in Kenya since 2005. 

Over and above training these men and women of God we have desired to and have gotten involved in their lives beyond the classroom. We don't do it at as often as we would love to because of lack of human resource but we do it as the Lord enables us. (PLEASE PRAY that the Lord will send workers to this harvest field) This is the arm of SERVE Kenya that deals with Church development. We have an active BTCP/L Alumni that meets every month for the purpose of mutual edification and continued learning from us their teachers, albeit informally. 

The Question that kept recurring in our dealings with the pastors and local church leaders here in Kenya was you are teaching pastors but where is your church, are you a pastor?! At first I did not have a clue why they would ask such question but later I came to realize that what they were asking was, "How are you qualified to teach pastors if you yourself are not a pastor?"
Another one of those out of Class reunions
In 2008 God provided an opportunity for me (Dennis Omondi) to become a pastor in Ukunda at the Word of Life Fellowship Church. It was a humble and hard beginning not only because I had never done this before but because I was inheriting a church that had been split and without a pastor for several years because of the former pastor's infidelity. But we have seen evidence of God's Grace and Power in the way the church has increased not only numerically (from 50 people then to almost 200 people now) but also in forgiveness, discipleship, love, giving, mutual edification just to mention but a few. 

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Dennis Omondi, Allison Omondi, Esther Karanja, Ben Warren, Martin Murigi, Godfrey Ikanda and James Muthee.
Today I look back and I realize how God used me for 4 year in training pastor with a lot of knowledge but with great naivety and ignorance as well. It is always a good thing when God reminds us that we are not all that we think we are...it keeps us humble and keeps us fully dependent on Him all the time! God has used our Church and the brothers and sisters above (that help in leading the church) to teach me very valuable lessons in life in Ministry of which I have no time or space to tell you about here - may be at another time! 

Until then, PLEASE PRAY: 
  1. That Lord will keep us humble and dependent on Him all the time - everyday!
  2. Pray that the Lord will expand His kingdom and the FAME of His Son Jesus through SERVE in Ukunda and beyond
  3. Pray for our Church to be a clear example of God Honoring, Christ Centered and Spirit led Church in our community locally and Kenya at large! 
  4. Pray for Ben, James and I as we will be teaching in 2 separate conference this coming Thursday (October 20th) in the churches of our former BTCP students. 
Thank you for keeping us in Prayer and Keeping us here through your consistent and generous financial support. 

Dennis, Allison, Anjela and Benjamin Joseph Omondi

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