Saturday, February 23, 2008

Serve is Famous now...ha!

Well as you know we are missionaries with Serve International from Denton Bible Church....and just recently Serve finally got a sign to put on the door of the missions office and everyone was impressed....and of course my cute hubby had to have his picture taken beside it. Its a pretty sharp sign and can be seen from the main road. No more looking for where the missions office is on the church campus. Its well marked now!! But we hear if Tim Ford has his way there would not only be a big white sign but a colorful awning over the door as well....but until then, guess a sign will do. HA HA!! Just thought it was so funny Dennis had to have his picture taken beside it. He's so proud!! He of course wants to be known as the first Serve International Field director to have his picture taken by the sign. Doesn't take much to make Dennis smile! You are so cute Babe! ---Allison

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