Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dennis' New Look, Getting ready for the Mombasa Heat

Dennis can't stand to go and pay 20 something bucks at a barber here in the States just to have his hair trimmed with some clippers. So since we got married, I have been cutting Dennis' hair for him, well, at least I've been trying to cut his hair. But I'm sure not a professional as you may have noticed. I've done ok for the most part but well, this past week, i got a little carried away and forgot to put the guard back on the clippers before finishing up the trim. So this was the finishing product....Just getting him ready for the Mombasa heat. And hey his new look has really started to grow on handsome hubby looks pretty hot with a bald head. What do yall think?
After I realized i had taken a little too much off of one spot on his head, Dennis decided I should shave his entire head bald.

Look at that smooth head!
A kiss on that sweet head
And some kissy faces just for fun


Karina said...

You two crack us UP!!! That totally sounds like something I (Karina) would do!

Laugh Along With Me said...

Bald heads are sexy!
~Shelley (pendleton)