Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bitter sweetness

Our time here in N.C. has been very good so far. We've been in Hickory where my Dad lives for much of the time but have been in Charlotte visiting my mom, sister, and friends as well. We've visited several people and spent time with family and a little time packing already. Its been such a bitter sweet time for us. We are so excited about our return to Kenya but at the same time sad to be leaving family and so many wonderful friends back in the States. Its been so emotional for me as I play with my niece and nephews and it hits me that I won’t see them for a long time. It almost brings me to tears, but i've done good about holding it in in front of them. It really is starting to hit me that we are about to go. Bitter sweet is the only way to describe it...excitement about going and yet so sad to be leaving at the same time. Its overwhelming at times! We will be headed to Raleigh, NC on Tuesday of this week and be there for a little over a week before we head back to Charlotte to finish packing and get on the plane. Here's some of the fun times we've had so far...---Allison

Allison's nephew Allen, Niece Shelby and Nephew Carter. They are all so special to us.

Allison with her sister and brother. Karen and Kevin are twins.

Out to dinner with Dad and Stepmom

With Great Aunt Sue, Great Uncle Sid, and Great Uncle Fred. Sid and Fred are Allison's late grandfather's siblings. These are just two of 10 children. We had such a great time visiting with Uncle Sue and Aunt Dot and Uncle Fred, catching up on our family. We had a sweet time of fellowship and memories with them. They have Jesus shining all over them.

Dennis with Bradley, Allison's best friend Marcy's son. Check out that hair!!

With Gloria and Gary Nance and Marcy and Bradley Sykes...long time friends and faithful encouragers and supporters.

With the Swanger family, a dear and sweet family very near and dear to Allison's heart. She began babysitting the kids when the middle child, Patrick was two weeks old, and she was there when the youngest, Caroline was born. She lived with them while she was in nursing school. And now the kids are becoming teenagers. The oldest Erika, just got her drivers license.

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