Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monkey in the Kitchen

Monkey in the Kitchen!! Nope I'm not even kidding!!! Tonight I walked into the kitchen after carrying some groceries in and there on our counter top sat a monkey. It actually took me a few seconds to realize what i was seeing was real and there was really a monkey inside the kitchen, and then....I SCREAMED!! You would think he would have run but nope, he just looked at me for a second and slowly walked to the window and jumped in the tree. I had to yell at him several times. By the time Dennis reached me in the kitchen he was out the window.

Why this was a shock to me i don't know?? Its funny though, we always open our kitchen windows tand we live on the top floor near the tree tops, and i've often wondered if one day those little guys would come in the kitchen. I didn't think they were brave enought but I was wrong, today they did!! There's many monkeys who live in the tall mango trees around us and they often jump around on the roof and play on our veranda, yelling and throwing mangos at one another, but today one decided he would venture into the kitchen...luckily i caught him before he tried getting food. There was actually a piece of cake sitting near the sink that i'm surprised he didn't grab but i think i must have caught him just as he entered.

Now thats something you don't find much in America:):)


Wesley&Joyce said...

That sounds scary and very cool at the same time.
Scary because I do not want a monkey in my kitchen.
Cool because you do not need a trip to the zoo or animal park to see the little creatures.
I wish we had little monkey's running around in Nairobi or here in Memphis.I guess Mombasa gets both end of the stick, beautiful scenery and little monkeys...totally cool. :)

Ben, Becca, and Caeden said...

Hey Allison & Dennis!
That is a crazy story! I can't believe that! But it is kind of cool that you had a monkey in your kitchen, it is not the sort of thing that will EVER happen to us over here! It is also cool that you have a mango tree outside your house, mangoes make great baby food! Caeden loooooves to eat mangoes! I hope that baby Anjela is doing well and that you are adjusting to parenthood well! We can't wait to meet her!
Becca, Ben and Caeden