Friday, July 4, 2008

House Hunting Continues

Sorry we haven't had a chance to blog as of late. Our life has been super busy! The last few weeks have been consumed with the pastor's and women's conferences and then this past week we've been deligently searching for a house to live in in the Diani/Ukunda area as we relocate the team there in the next month or so. So far our search hasn't gotten us too far. We can't tell you the number of places we have looked at but nothing for certain so far. We've had a very hard time finding a 3 bedroom house or flat that has affordable rent in the area we want to live in. The decent places we’ve seen are very expensive. We’ve begun looking at 2 bedrooms but finding they are either very tiny for a family, or very far from everything and everybody we need to be near. Diani/Ukunda area has many tourists and Europeans who stay for 3 or 4 month holidays, so things are much more expensive. There are many short term lease cottages (small) but we are having a hard time finding long term lease houses. Also, you may or may not know, but unlike Mombasa, Ukunda/Diani is not as safe depending on where you live. So in picking a place to live you are not only looking for size but the safety/security is of utmost importance as well.

So please pray for us as we continue to look. We have been a bit discouraged but will keep searching. We trust and know God has His perfect plan in mind for us.

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