Friday, October 31, 2008

Mom Update

Just a quick update for all who have been praying for my mother, Martha. She did sadly find out on Wednesday that yes indeed the tumor removed from her bladder was cancerous. But the good news is that the doc says he removed all of it and is very sure none remains. She will not have to go through radiation or chemo and in the next three months will have a follow up scan and check to be sure the tumor hasn't begun growing again. Also the biggest thing is that the doc says she MUST quit smoking or he's going to have to keep removing these tumors. This is something my mother has struggled with for many stressful years. She is determined however to quite. Please join me in praising God that the cancer was caught very early and able to be removed. Also please pray for perseverance and strength as my mom battles the addiction of smoking that she has dealt with for so long. Pray that she can quite for the glory of God and health of her body!

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