Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pray for my Mom

Please pray for my mother, Martha. I learned last week that she could have bladder cancer. She had a CT scan after some routine blood tests were a little off, and they found some "spots" on her bladder. She went in on Thursday to have a scope done and they think the spot could be a polyp. They are not sure if its malignant or benign, So on Monday she will go in to have laporascopic surgery done to remove and biopsy the polyp. She is quite scared and anxious. Please pray for her, for my sister who will be with her, and also for me. Its very hard to be overseas away from family especially during times like these. I really wish i could be there for my mom right now. I'm really having to trust the Lord knowing that my mother is in HIS hands. Please pray that this polyp is not cancerous and that the surgery goes smoothly.


Mark and Rachel said...

We'll be praying for you! Can understand how hard it must be. Let us know how it goes.

Miss you both and love you!

Mischia said...

I am praying God would touch your Mom's bladder and there would be no cancer. And that your Mom would fall more in love with Jesus because of this experience.