Friday, October 3, 2008

Pray that we may be LIGHTS!

My heart has been very heavy and burdened this week as I've heard story after story of the extraordinary evil that has gone on in our small town and the surrounding area in the last few weeks. There have been many violent break-ins, several murders, and many so-called accidents. Many of these stories too graphic or gruesome to write about on the blog and some that just seem unbelievable. As I've heard people talking about all of these different things the majority link them to the so-called group of "devil worshippers" that supposedly have been staying in one of the nearby beach resorts for the last two weeks. Whether this is all linked together or not we are not sure but we have heard these people are known for their human sacrifices. And however I don't think its at all coincidence that all of these events have also taken place during the last week of Islam's holy month of Ramadan that ended this week. Many people have been talking, many people have been scared and many Christians (some true believers and some not) or at least "church-goers" have spent much more time in prayer as they pray for protection of themselves and their families. As you know the coastal area we live in is predominately Muslim but as we have come to find out, that which surfaces the most in the lives of people living around us is the practice of witchcraft in one form or another.

This week has been a wake up call and reminder to me that we are living in a place of extreme darkness. We are surrounded by evil in all directions. Yes my heart has been disgusted, saddened, broken, and i've even felt sick to my stomach thinking about the stories I have heard and the lostness that exists here in this place, but it has brought me to me knees, a place that i should be much more often, crying out to my Savior, not only for protection of my family and friends, but more importantly for the lost SOULS of those performing these evils. Their eyes are blinded to the truth of God and His son Jesus Christ and instead they are playing with and serving the enemy. Oh God, SAVE THEM!

Other Kenyans have asked, "are you scared?" I do have to say the things that have happened have certainly been alarming and cause enough for us to be sure we are not out after dark, but I can boldly proclaim to them that I serve a living God who is more powerful than any of those forces of evil. He who is in me is greater than He who is in the world!

My heart hurts and breaks for the people of this area. Please pray for us and those in our surrounding area. Pray for our protection and pray that this may this be a time that we can be GREAT LIGHTS for Jesus in such extreme lost and darkness.

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Jarrod, Dawn, Trevor and Mackenzie said...

I will be praying for you guys, not only that you continue to be lights for Jesus, but also for your safety.