Thursday, January 22, 2009

Adoption update

Please keep praying for Anjela's adoption. We have done everything we are suppose to do on our end and we are just WAITING......waiting to hear back from the adoption agency, Little Angels. They supposedly met this week to discuss our case and approve or disapprove it. Its suppose to be a pretty straightforward case since its family but we will see. Also they were sending their own social worker to Busia to meet Dennis' family including Anjela's biological mother and father this week. Please pray all this is done smoothly and QUICKLY! As soon as we hear back from the adoption agency we can find a lawyer and go to court. After that we still have to get Anjela a passport and then when we know the dates of when we will come to the States this year we can make an appt to apply for her a US Visa. All that could take time too. So please keep praying for us. We will be glad when all of this is done and over with and Anjela is an official Omondi.

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