Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Adoption Crisis!

We have a very important prayer request for you to be lifting up for us. As many of you know Anjela's adoption has been in process for over a year now and still its not yet complete. We have done all we have been told to do and everyday is just a waiting game it seems. There is just no efficiency or real process in this country. Everytime we think we are close to the finish line the adoption agency comes up with something new that has to be done before we can get a lawyer and go to court. This continues to happen over and over. We have been calling almost everyday for the past month to push them.

As of last week we were told all was signed and they needed to just go through every paper one more time to be sure it was complete before sending it to the lawyer. We had high hopes this meant we could be going to court in the next month or so. Well....so we thought...until today yet one more frustration and disappointment.

We have been told now that there is still yet another paper we need to sign and have Dennis' mother to sign...which we will travel to town to do tomorrow. On top of that they think that it is necessary to also have Anjela's biological mother's parents sign some papers. This comes with a whole new set of issues not to mention they live way out in the bush on the other side of Kenya. And then on top of all of this we have been told that the court judges in Kenya are all on recess until mid-August which means there's not even a possibility of a court date until September.

Dennis must travel to the States again by the end of this year to renew his Permanent Resident Card in America. October was the time we had all planned to travel together to go and do this. The possibility of this now is very low it seems because even after getting Anjela's final adoption papers and new birth certificate eventually, we would still then have to apply for her a passport and then try getting her a VISA to the States. And all of that of course takes yet more time.

I can't tell you the tears that I, Allison, have shed today and the exhaustion and range of emotions I feel inside. We are just so tired and weary with all of this now! We just want this all to be over with and to have the legal paper to prove our little girl is OURS! Would you please commit to praying faithfully for the completion of Anjela's adoption!! We KNOW we have a sovereign God and King who is in control, who has us in the palm of His hands, and who has a perfect plan. Pray that we can BELIEVE and TRUST our loving and faithful Father and that He might even do a huge miracle to speed all of this up!

Thanks for your prayers and support!
We love you all,
Dennis, Allison and Anjela


Wesley Wright said...

You betcha we will pray for you. I am sorry about the frustration. All this work for God for those who trust in God. I have faith and we will join you all in prayer.

Gloria said...

Wow-- that's crazy. While we can relate to the inefficiency of living in a culture like that, we can't imagine what it's like to wait on the gov't to make a child yours forever. God's sovereign goodness will indeed prevail!

Sierra said...


I'm so sorry that you guys are having to deal with all this. It seems crazy to me that the adoption process would be such a mess over there. Know that y'all are being lifted up in our prayers. May God be gracious and go before you as you set out, once again, to get all this sorted out. Give Anjela a big hug for me!