Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baby John's Funeral

Thank you so much for the prayers and support you offered during these last few days of mourning for Margaret, Samuel, their family and our church. A few of Samuel and Margaret's family members came from upcountry to be here for the funeral but the majority of the people in attendance were our own church members and friends. We buried baby John Kamau Ndugu at the Mbaraki Cemetery in Mombasa at 11:30AM. Here are a few pictures of this sad day....John would have turned 1 year old on September 23rd. He and our Anjela shared the same birthday and we were planning to do a party for them together next month. Anjela loved baby John so much and not too many days go by that she still doesn't ask for him. Please continue to be in prayer for this precious family. Samuel himself isn't completely well and has continued to have major headaches after his multiple brain surgeries. Also right now neither he nor Margaret have a job. Pray for them as they begin to heal and continue life without their son John. May God comfort and provide for them in miraculous ways.

Our church members have really pulled together to be there for and with Samuel and Margaret during this difficult time.

Carrying the casket to the graveside

Waiting for the casket to come to begin the service

The beginning gathering at the grave side service. Many others joined us.

Baby John's Casket

Dennis and the interpreter preaching at the grave side service

Allison encouraging Margaret and family with fond memories of John

Casket being carried by family and friends

Grave side service

Lowering the casket

From dirt we came and to dirt we will return

Church members covering the casket

Margaret and Samuel laying flowers on John's Grave

Final Prayer

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