Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Adoption Update.

Yes I know we have been slack about updating our blog and sending out email updates. We are sorry!! My sister has been here for the last two weeks and I just have enjoyed her so much I haven't been on email or blog or even FB much lately:):) (that story to come later) Anyway, to update those of you who have been praying for ANjela's adoption. Please please please keep praying hard. There is a little progress. All of the papers are in Nairobi now at the adoption agencies office and we are waiting for them to be sent to Mombasa to the lawyer who will then contact us and get us a court date. THINGS ARE JUST WAY TOO SLOW in getting accomplished here in Kenya....and yes it is very frustrating. We have been at this same place in the process so many times already where they tell us we are just waiting for the lawyer to contact us, and then they turn around and tell us they need some other document, etc. So this time we are really praying and hoping that we will actually get a court date. Our fear is that they won't do it in time before the courts go on recess for the December holiday. Please pray for this to happen very quickly! Unfortunately after that we still have to apply to get her a new birth certificate, then a Kenyan passport and then an American VISA if we want to travel with her to the States. We would love it if all of this could be done by the end of the year before Dennis must travel to the U.S. to renew his greencard....but at the same time I am trying not to get my hopes too high, cause I know just how long things take here..please just pray. My heart is content either way. Having my sister here for the last few weeks and her being able to meet Anjela has really helped my spirits. But keep praying. We will continue to fight and pray for our little girl til she's finally "OURS"!!!

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Mischia said...

Praying for a court date before December.