Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Please pray for the Denton Bible Church Team coming to Kenya on the 20th of November and staying for one week working with kids from our church and the surrounding areas. They will be ministering to about 100 children aged from 7 to 15 years. Pray for:
  • Team preparation and all their support - both prayer and financial - to be raised before they leave for Kenya.
  • Pray for safe travel both across the ocean and in country - pray that all their luggage will get here with them since most of it is teaching material for the week.
  • Pray for good health for the team, especially for the families that are coming with their kids on this trip.
  • Pray that the climate - heat - will not affect their ministry and attitudes too bad.
  • Pray for the Serve Kenya team as we prepare for their arrival and as we host them here. Pray that we will be a blessing to them as I am sure they will be to us.
Thank you so much for being faithful in praying for us and for the being part of what Jesus is doing in this country of Kenya and more specifically here in Ukunda.

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