Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another Adoption Hurdle...

Thank you for praising God and rejoicing with us when we announced the judge finally granted us the adoption of Anjela. We couldn't be more happy and keep praising God for His faithfulness. But as we also asked, please keep praying!!! There are still several more hurdles we must jump over before we can travel to the States together as a family for a visit and we would like to do this when Dennis must travel in June, only one month away. And now we've hit another roadblock it seems. When we talked to our lawyer last they told us that the judge gave her ruling but never signed the necessary papers which will allow the adoption certificate to be processed. We don't know if she just forgot or if our file is just sitting on her desk somewhere with all the other hundreds of files she has to sign. And we must have this adoption certificate in order to proceed any further and apply for Anjela a Kenyan passport and an American VISA. Its all very frustrating as you can imagine. But as always, we are trusting God and we ask that you pray with us that the judge would hurry and sign that paper!!!! May a miracle be done!

Also please pray for Allison. She spent her first official Mother's Day in bed and is still recovering from a bad flu/bacterial infection. Pray that Dennis and Anjela will not catch the same bug. Please pray we would all have good health as it seems there is lots of disease popping up around here .Its rainy season now so there are lots of icky germs lurking and lots of malaria carrying mosquitos around.

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