Sunday, September 12, 2010

Newsletter Update

What a wonderful two weeks we have had with the 8 members of the DBC team who came to work with us here in Kenya. Their presence and work here have been such an amazing blessing, not only to our church, community, and those we worked with in Nairobi, but also to us as a family. We couldn't praise God enough or count the number of lives touched because of the WORD that they taught, the hugs that they gave, the testimonies they shared, and the countless other ways they showed the love of Christ. Thank you Denton Team!!

NOW, we are counting down the days until we finally get to board the plane all together and come to the States for a visit! We praise God we have all the necessary documents and our plane tickets in hand. We will be leaving Kenya next Monday Sept 19th and should arrive in Dallas in the early afternoon of the 20th. A week or two after that we will travel to N.C. to visit Allison's family and finally introduce her to her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. As our plans for traveling around the country come together we will let you know.  We hope to see as many of you as we can in our short time Stateside.

Soon after our arrival in Denton, Anjela will celebrate her 3rd Birthday. Our dear friends, Phyllis McAlister and Beth King have graciously decided to host a "Come meet Princess Anjela Birthday Party" on Saturday Sept 25th in Argyle,TX from 4-7pm. We would LOVE to see everyone there if you are in the area!!!!please  call Phyllis or Beth at 940-453-2886 or 940-243-1439  or email Phyllis at for more info.

  • We have lots to do in this final week ahead so please pray for all of the preparations. Also, just before we leave, this Saturday we will have our first Word of Life Fellowship Church Baptismal Service. We are so excited to witness the baptism of around 10 or so people in our church as they share their testimonies and publicly profess their commitment to follow Christ. Please pray for each of these individuals as some of them have recently begun a relationship with Christ while others have been Believers for awhile but never publicly confessed Christ through baptism. We are so excited we get to still be here for this special day!
  • Thank you to those who have been praying for God to provide for our specific needs while we are in America. We are so grateful that this past week we were provided a house to stay in the Denton area while we are in Texas.  Thank you George and Karen!! Now we are praying and still needing a vehicle to drive so if you know of any please let us know!
  • Please continue to pray for us here this week as we try to arrange and settle things in Kenya as ministry continues while we are gone. There's a lot of logistics in planning to leave our home and ministry here for 6 months!! Please also pray for Word of Life Fellowship Church, the church leaders, BTCP classes, and our ministry partners and friends we leave behind in Kenya. May they stay faithful and continue serving the Lord with passion and excitement while we are away!
  • Pray that all will go smoothly and that we will have no problems with Dennis or Anjela's documents going through immigration when we reach Dallas airport. Also pray hard that the immigration officers will be gracious and allow Anjela a VISA to stay in country for at least 6 months!!!
  • Though our time in the States is going to be very busy, please pray that it will be a fun, refreshing, restful, and enjoyable time for all of us!

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