Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some of our American Adventures

Well its been about 3 weeks since we arrived in America. WOW time is already flying!! What an adventurous and surprising and overwhelming and tiring and FUN time we have had already. There's so much too write about the last three weeks so instead of writing i will try to give you a little taste through pictures...So here's just a start.....
After a week of being introduced to American food Anjela begged Mama to make her a Kenyan meal...yummy Sukuma wiki, sima, na mayai! Just like at home. We brought the unga all the way from Kenya.            
Visiting the Sizeloves in Texas and enjoying their fun farm animals....cows, donkeys, horses...

Anjela and her buddy Sam, she hasn't seen since he and his family came to Kenya in Dec.2008

Fun reunion with dear friends like Denise Sizelove      

Needless to say Anjela has been given lots of special attention since we arrived. She is one special girl!! Our dear friends Phyllis and Beth and Beth's daughter Emily decided to introduce Anjela to the American girl by taking her on a special girls day out to the American Girl Store in Dallas. And oh what a fun day we all had! I have to say it was a bit overwhelming (in a good way) for both Mama and Anjela but what a great experience it was. So much too see all in one place! And so many choices. WOW! Dont we love America! Instead of being excited about choosing a doll, Anjela wanted to spend most of her time in one corner with Phyllis sitting up on one the displays playing with one of the tiny dolls or going up and down the "moving stairs" (escalator)with Emily. She had such a fun time! After finally choosing a doll and matching clothes we all had a special lunch upstairs in the American Girl Bistro. Of course Anjela's new doll, "Liberty" got special treatment with a special chair too. And Anjela got a special cookie and Happy Birthday song from the American girl waitresses. What a grand and special experience it was for both Anjela and Mama! THANKS again PHYLLIS and BETH AND EMILY!!! 

Take your bottle little baby

Anjela and Phyllis

Anjela could have been part of the display for sure!

Take your dawa (medicine) baby

So many dolls to choose from...and this is just one of the many cases

Which one do I choose???

Mama and her own little Kenyan-American doll!   

Up and down the "moving stairs"

Finally chose her doll

Up the moving stairs again

Dressed like her doll and special kisses

Lunch with her doll

Girls day out!

Happy Birthday Anjela!


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Nelly Auma said...

I am so happy for you Anjela.Keep having fun.You deserve it.I love you.