Friday, January 14, 2011

Message From Mike Scheer - SERVE International Director

As many of you know, the bi-annual missions conference is fast approaching.  We will be gathering as a congregation this coming weekend January 21 (6 – 9 PM) and 22nd (8 AM – 12:30 PM).  If you are receiving this message and thinking “I will never go overseas, why should I attend”, let me give you a couple of reasons to consider attending:  

  • You will get to know our missionaries, they are part of our church family:
DBC has nearly 90 missionary families sent out from our body serving around the world in a variety of ministries. Most all of these families were once attendees of DBC just like you.  We will have over 50 of these missionaries here at the conference. You will have the opportunity to hear them share with the conference, attend one of their break-out sessions, or visit one on one.  Come and get to know our missionaries personally and they no longer will be just a name on a prayer sheet or picture in the hallway.  They will become friends that you care about, pray for, and communicate with for years to come.   

  • You will learn about DBC missions, you are part of a church family with a commitment to reach the world:
The conference will highlight several of our field ministries and offer break-out sessions for in depth discussion of each of our key ministries.  If you are like most of our church attendees you likely believe DBC is doing a lot in the world but you do not have a real understanding or ability to explain our work to others.  Come hear more about our church’s work overseas than you could ever hear on a Sunday morning.  

  • You will be challenged with solid teaching, God is doing great things in the world and has a role for each of us:
Scott Horrell, who was a missionary in Brazil for nearly 15 years and now serves as a Systematic Theology Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, will share with us Friday night about the local church’s obligation to be involved in missions, and Tommy Nelson will be challenge us to personally get involved on Saturday morning.   

  • You can explore how to get involved, we all have an obligation to be involved in God’s mission to the world:
Opportunities for local and international involvement will be highlighted throughout the conference and you will be challenged to find a way for you and your family to get involved in ministry through our church.

  • It is an event for the whole family:
There will be a children’s program on both days that will take the kids to far-away places like China and Kenya while having them back in time to be picked up.  Kids, who attended the last conference, loved the event and it motivated whole families to begin praying and participating in outreach.

The conference is free and you can find out more information and sign up at the links below.  Please let us know if you have any questions and we hope to see you there.

 If you have trouble with the registration or have further questions, please  feel free to email us at

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the conference.
Mike Scheer

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