Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The day is Finally here

As we hugged Joe and Christina good bye and Phyllis and Carissa good night; as we said thanks to the Totters for keeping Anjela the whole today so we could finish packing all I could think about was I cannot believe it is already 6 months since the first day we set foot in America. 
It has been such a wonderful blessed visit that saw us reconnecting with family and old friends - we thank God for every home that welcomed us and made us feel like royals. The Lord has been very faithful in providing for all our needs from places to stay, cars to drive, attending a marriage seminar, going to Disney Land, bringing back our monthly support to 100%  just to mention but a few.  

We praise God for the many of you - our friends and family - that we were able to see and apologize to the few of you that we could not meet with during our stay in America. 

Tomorrow we leave America renewed and energized to go back to Kenya to do what our Father in Heaven has called us to do. As we go we ask for your continued prayers - to readjust back to life in Mombasa. Leaving here after the very cold winter and going back to the blazing hot humid Mombasa will not be easy, but we know His grace will be sufficient for us. 

THANK YOU VERY MUCH - We will write again when we get back to Kenya - God willing!

God is good all the time!

Dennis, Allison and Anjela Omondi


Naylee said...

Welcome back to Kenya Already!

Rachel said...

Been praying for your travels today. So very sad that we missed you guys this time around. Sigh. Maybe next time. Love you guys!