Sunday, March 27, 2011


Arrival and welcome:
Thank you for praying for us over the last week since we arrived in Kenya. After a long drive from Nairobi, we arrived safely last Wednesday afternoon and were so encouraged by the warm welcome we received at our house. We came home to a house full of about 10 or so people from church waiting for our arrival. We were welcomed with hugs, smiles, handshakes, chai, cake, and a prayer of thanks to God from the church leadership of our safe return. It was a wonderful reunion. 

Today we attended church for the first time since we have been back and were welcomed with a wonderful surprise cake celebrating our return. It was so encouraging to see almost 200 people there at church to welcome us home. We are so blessed!  So far we have heard wonderful testimonies from people about how well the church is doing and how much the church is growing in their love for one another. There have been many trials and several deaths while we have been away but through it we hear church has really become a "family"!! We praise God for all He is doing!

And many people have asked specifically how Anjela is doing. She did amazingly well on all the flights and is doing great adjusting so far. Just yesterday she said to Dennis, "Baba, I am so happy to be in our house". She has really enjoyed eating Kenyan food again and reuniting with a couple of her friends already. The only problem is, as much as she talks and tells her stories, everyone is having a hard time understanding her deep NC/Texan American accent:):):)  (wonder where she got that from) And we are still having to remind her over and over not to drink the water when she brushes her teeth, swims or takes a bath:) But overall she is adjusting very well we praise God!

Prayer Items:
Here are a few things you can be praying for us over the next several weeks:

  1.  Smooth adjustment back to life and ministry in Kenya as we resume our working routine at the pastors training center and Word of Life Fellowship church this coming week. Dennis will resume many responsibilities this week and preaching next Sunday April 3rd.
  2. Adjustment to the high heat and humidity which is very draining on our bodies, minds and attitudes
  3. Anjela will pick up speaking Swahili again and continue to adjust well to life and culture here again
  4. for Betty (our new Serve intern) as she moves to Ukunda this week to begin working with us. She will be staying with us in our home for a month or so until we can find her a place in Ukunda to live.
  5. That the ladies in our church and community will be understanding and supportive and continue to lead as Allison begins to pull back a little from her former routine and responsibilities with the women, to focus more on beginning to homeschool Anjela and disciple Betty (our Serve Intern) more intentionally. 
  6. That the Lord will continue to grow Word of Life Fellowship Church in their love for God and His Word and that their lives and walk outside of church on Sunday mornings will match their "Christian talk", bringing glory to God and drawing others to the Savior!!!
  7. We would keep our eyes fixed and focused on Jesus Christ and that our lives and family would be a reflection of Him.

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