Tuesday, May 31, 2011

...and at last a picture of Benjamin Joseph Omondi

We have no words to say thank you to JESUS and strength to tell you of His goodness to us, so just look at him and let the picture tell the story for now. We have Benjamin with us and he is sleeping for the first time not in an Orphanage but in a family setting with a mother, father and a wonderful big sister. Enjoy his first picture in the public domain:) many more to come!

Benjamin Joseph Omondi 
Praise God with us and thank you very much for praying and being excited with us. We are halfway in the journey so please don't stop praying - we will give you more details in future BENJAMIN UPDATES!


dksinglemom said...

Praise the Lord! We are so excited and happy for you!
Love, The Franz Gang

waitingarms said...


paige said...

Woohooooo!!!!! Praise God!!!

sarah_guess said...

What a beautiful guy! It's SO good to see him! :D And a wonderful answer "yes" to prayer. :)

Mischia said...

How fast God answers our prayers some times.