Friday, May 27, 2011


Dear Friends,
Thank you for eagerly and patiently and prayerfully waiting with us on this update!

The short of the story is PRAISE GOD with us that baby BENJAMIN JOSEPH will join the Omondi family next week!!!

The long of the story and the way things happened this week is that on Thursday we got the exciting call saying that the adoption agency committee had met and approved Benjamin to be adopted and also us to adopt him, BUT it was PENDING that they have one more document in hand. Our hearts dropped for a moment of course saying, "no, not this one-more-document thing again" like we had experienced with Anjela. They needed something called a "certificate of good conduct" from us which is kind of like a criminal background check. We applied for this document a little over a month ago in Nairobi when we first found out about Baby Benjamin and gave the adoption agency the receipts saying we had done this. But this time they told us they needed the actual certificate in their hands before we could bring the baby home. So on Thursday Dennis dropped what he was doing and rushed to Mombasa to try to see if it had arrived at the police station there yet. To our disappointment after letting Dennis rummage through bags of hundreds of other certificates he never found ours. They told us it must be on the way somewhere. So today we decided to straight to the source and send our friend, Peter, who lives in Nairobi, to the police headquarters to check to see if the certificates were still hanging around somewhere there. We waited and prayed hard! At first they couldn't find them but then somehow out of the blue Peter called us with much excitement and said they miraculously found them!!! They were still laying on someone's desk in that Nairobi office. We were beyond excitement and praise to God!!!

So now, the plan is that we will  drive to Nairobi on Sunday and go and meet baby Benjamin at the New Life Children's home on Monday. There are several more formalities, including taking him for a medical check in Nairobi and bonding with him at the home, that have to happen before he can actually be released into our care. This could take 3 or more days so we plan to be in Nairobi most of next week. Please pray for safety for our family as we drive the long drive to Nairobi on Sunday and then begin the process of bringing him home next week. May all go smoothly just as it has up to this point. We are amazed at how quick things have progressed. God is just amazing! 

Thank you for continuing to walk this journey on your knees with us in prayer!! We will send or post pictures of our beautiful baby boy as soon as we can. We are so greatful at what God is doing in the life of our family and ministry here in Mombasa. We praise God we have a church family and friends here who eagerly wait to meet Benjamin when we bring him home next week. And of course we can't wait for all of YOU to meet him one day as well. Please continue to pray for us and all that God is doing here in Kenya!

God is good all the time!

Love, Dennis, Allison and Anjela and soon to be Benjamin Joseph Omondi

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