Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quick Update On Pastor Mreto's Boy's Burial

Joshua Mreto was laid to rest at their home in Dima. Praise God for the testimony of the Church for turning up in large numbers to give support to pastor Mreto. Joe Pytleski, James and I went there to be there with them as well. It was good for us since Joe got to meet a lot of the Shepherding shepherds students before  our class on July 21st. 

Please continue to pray for this family that the Lord will comfort them since most of the times the reality hits when people are gone and the home is back to "normal" without the kid there. 

Joe, James and I were feeling very blessed to be going back to our boys and praised and thanked God for the gift of Children as we prayed for the Pastor, his wife and their remaining 5 children. 

Thanks for praying with us for this precious family. Please follow this link to see the pictures of the funeral in the Dima village. Click here for pictures 

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Anonymous said...

no recent updates? really busy with your new son? hope all of you are well. blessings, john and ali deagan