Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Teaching the Bible in Kenya is usually a difficult thing. Take for example yesterday during the Women's session one of the women asking if it is OK for a woman to be a pastor? She was not asking because she did not know our stand and our answer to that question but because there was a women pastor present in the class. My guess is that her motivation was not to know the word clearly so she can obey it but to stir up controversy and maybe to even make the woman pastor present uncomfortable. 

I am not sad for her because she asked the question in front of the woman pastor, I am sad because after being in our BTCL class for a year and half she should have known better. Please Pray that our classes will not only communicate the knowledge of God but His heart and His love for the people as well. We wish not to produce and reproduce dogmatic Pastors and Church leaders in our training but God loving people who are directed, controlled and influenced by the Holy Spirit!

Other than that the rest of the day was great! Here are pictures to give you context as you pray!

Jerry Teaching in the evening session at SERVE

The Evening Session

Jerry Clark teaching our BTCP Alumni

Shane Verret Teaching 

Shane and Omari our interpreter

Betty, Judy and Linda

Tea Break

Robert Walker and Dudley Reed at Tea Time

Shane and Omari

Dudley Teaching after Tea Break 

Just to give you a view of the Class

Dudley Teaching 

Afternoon Session - Q n A Women 

Afternoon session - Men's Q n A

Q n A

Peter Mutemi listening Keenly

Jerry Weighing in on the Discussion 

James Muthee weighing in on the Discussion 

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