Thursday, September 22, 2011

Quick Update

Thank you for your continual prayers, encouragement and support that you give us as we SERVE the Lord here in Kenya. 

Yesterday the DIMA pastors came over to the SERVE Campus for their monthly Shepherding Shepherds classes. We invited Child Evangelism Fellowship to come and talk to them about the importance of Childrens Ministries in the Local church and they did a superb Job! The 12 students present we so blessed and convicted on how they had unconsciously reduced the childrens ministries in their churches to "baby sitting classes" while the adults were listening to the Word of God!

Please pray that these pastors will not be the Rocky Ground that hear the Word of God and immediately receive it but then when persecution comes they immediately abandon the Word; but they will be doers of the things they are learning from the Lord during these weekends. 

Ben Warren continues today and tomorrow to teach the Overview of the Bible and we pray that the Lord will strengthen brother Ben and make it clear to the pastors that the Bible is one Book with one Author - the Holy Spirit!

On the family front - Benjamin has not been well the last 2 days, he has had high fevers, diarrhea and refuses to eat. Allison is taking good care of Him and keeping a close watch on Him. We suspect he is teething again! Today is Anjela Grace Omondi's 4th Birthday! Can you believe that!?  What a wonderful blessing from God she has been to us and as we see her grow - it is the evidence of God's mercies and Grace not only in her life but ours as well! We are BLESSED to have our daughter Anjela and Praise God the way He is growing her! She is also in her third week of homeschooling and she is loving it. Pray for Allison as she starting on this fun adventure! 

Sorry there is no pictures this time around but we will be sure to send/post some VERY VERY soon!

Baraka [blessings]

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Mischia said...

Thanks for posting so we would know how to pray. Now we have prayed and are continuing.