Friday, December 23, 2011

A Miracle Called Benjamin

Recently we had the opportunity to share Benjamin's story with Jane Wells, at CNBC, who so graciously gave of her time and resources to come to Kenya to help New Life Home Trust in their efforts to see many children like our son be given a chance at God be the Glory for all he has done!! We couldn't thank HIM enough!!  Benjamin is indeed a miracle and a blessing to us. We pray that his life will be a testimony of God's love and grace to all! This is just a short clip that aired on msnbc about New Life Home but there is a longer version to stay tuned...

The Miracle called Benjamin Omondi - A MUST SEE FOR ALL - GLORY TO JESUS our SAVIOR
Video on NBC’s Jane Wells reports why some children are lucky just to receive the gift of life.


Rebecca said...

Hi, Allison! Just stopping in from GMG Intl. at Facebook! Looking forward to reading more about your family and ministry in Kenya. However, my internet time is limited today (power's out). Blessings to you and your family today!!!

Viola said...

Love your blog! Also a visitor from GMG International! God bless your ministry! Beautiful family and amazing dedication for the Lord in Kenya!