Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Quick Follow Up Update

Dear Friends,
Some of you have been asking more specific information about Allison's health and prognosis. Overall, she is healing very well from her surgery and we thank God. Sorry we were not very clear about Allison's health in the last update. She has severe endometriosis but after surgery now will be seeking some medications to help that from regrowing rapidly. Since her surgery she continues to have pain but that may be coming from some lower back and tailbone issues she has been having for awhile so she is also going to the doctor this week about that. Please pray for continued wisdom for the doctors.

We will try to send another update in the course of this week. Thanks for praying with us!

On other news BJ's hearing was postponed to this coming Thursday - we are disappointed but at least  it is this coming on Thursday and not next month. Let's continue trusting Jesus for His will to be done! 

Dennis, Allison, Anjela and BJ

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