Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year and Dennis Heart Update

Happy New Year Everyone! We pray that you all are bringing in this New Year with much JOY in our Savior.

After a difficult few months, we have much to praise God for as we begin this new year. Many of you have been praying for us and asking about our family and Dennis' health so wanted to send you a quick update. Dennis arrived just before our cold WHITE Christmas in Texas (YEAH!) and spent his birthday (the 26th) in the hospital having a T.E.E. This is a procedure that looked more closely at his heart to determine whether he needed urgent mitral valve surgery again. To our excitement and praise to God, which was a great Birthday present for Dennis, we found out that his valve has deteriorated but not so significantly that he needs surgery right away and that he could probably wait a year or more to have the surgery. And then yesterday after following up with Dennis' normal cardiologist we were told that the only thing he needed to do for now was to increase his daily aspirin dosage, exercise, stay healthy, and not think about planning for surgery yet. The heart symptoms he was having in Kenya were more likely stress related and he will just need to have his heart checked every six months. We are so thankful!!! After such a tough few months for our family this was refreshing news to hear.

We miss B.J. terribly and our hearts ache everyday we are apart but he is doing well and having a lot of fun with the sweet family he has been staying with in Mombasa. We praise God for all of those who have been giving him such tender loving care while we are away.  Allison still has a few more weeks of treatment left and then she and Anjela will return to Kenya to finally be with him again. Dennis will have to remain in the States for a couple more weeks for immigration paperwork for his US reentry permit before joining us back home in Kenya.

We again wanted to remind you of the upcoming Marriage Conference and 2013 Missions Conference at  Denton Bible Church.

We hope to see you there!

Here is the link for more information and to register for the conference:

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