Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thanks for coming to pray for Kenya

A big thanks to all who came Saturday night to pray with us for Kenya. We had a wonderful turn out and a great time seeking and crying out to the Lord on behalf of Kenya and for our Kenyan friends and family. We had about 60 people or so and about half of those were Kenyans from around Denton. Thank yall for your love and support and for praying with us. Please keep praying as the violence continues. Mediation is going on between Kibaki and Raila with the help of Kofi Anan. Now what was political and then tribal is now also turning into land disputes which has caused the recent breakout of violence in Nakuru. 90 more people have died over the weekend and still more than a quarter million are displaced from their homes with no place to go. Please keep crying out for Kenya with us!!

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