Friday, January 18, 2008

Come Join us to Pray next Saturday

We want to invite all yall who are in the DFW area to gather together with us and pray for Kenya and for those of you who are elsewhere maybe yall can gather together in groups to pray as well. Our hearts are so heavy because of what's going on in Kenya at the moment and God has burdened us to pray!! It would be very special if we can get together with all our Kenyan brothers and sisters, friends of Kenya, and just anyone else who has a burden to pray. So for those who live around the DFW area please come join us next Saturday to call on Jesus on behalf of our country! Let's stand in the Gap together!

There has been a lot of riots and demonstrations around the world about what's going on in Kenya at the moment.
Let us come together and demonstrate as well – But let us do it on our knees!

If this is something that you feel led to do please email us ( and let us know you are coming.

When: Saturday, January 26th 2008

Where: Denton Bible Church
(The old Sanctuary in the CUP)
1910 East University Dr.
Denton, TX 76209

Time: 4pm – 6pm
(come and go as you can)

The battle that we have to fight as believers in Jesus Christ is now not on our feet but on our KNEES! Lets do it more, lets do it often, lets do it without ceasing lets do it in Jesus name!!!"

How to pray from the mouth of our friend Joy in Kenya:

"I an encouraged to see you gathering together to pray. Indeed, we need to pray without ceasing, we need to seek God’s face that He may come and heal our land.

Pray for healing of the Kenyan people, many are hurting and bitter because of horrible things that they have experienced, or fellow Kenyans experience. Others are hurt by the utterances of our leaders and people in authority that we were looking upon to speak sanity and peace unto this chaos. Most are shroud by this thick cloud of uncertainty, not knowing what will happen next – The News broadcasts have become a Horror Sequel that we don’t know when it will end

Pray for healing of the land of Kenya – When we try to look beyond this mess, the economy that was once looking to be finding its footing, has been dealt a shattering blow – Crops have been set ablaze in the farms and granaries, Tourism is looking so bad…….

Pray for brethren in Kenya – It is hard to keep the focus on Christ, given all that is going on. It is so easy to get caught up in all the rage and bitterness. May God have mercy on us, that we may get back on our knees trusting only Him to remove us from the corruption of this world ( 2 Peter 1: 3-11 ). May we forget our political and tribal affiliations, disregard all that and pray one united payer for Healing, Peace and Restoration according to God’s will – and His will only
Thank You and God Bless You"
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Regina said...

Thank you both for allowing us to see this horrible time in Kenya through your eyes. It helps us to know how to pray. It's so difficult to see what is happening. I will pray with you.