Monday, April 21, 2008

Traveling-Please pray

We will be traveling to Busia (where Dennis' family and baby Angela is from) tomorrow (Tues.) to begin the paperwork for the adoption process of Angela at Child Services there. Because the safety of the roads from Nairobi to Busia are uncertain we will be flying to Kisumu and then taking a taxi to Busia. Please pray for the safety of our travels both flying and driving. And also pray that the process for beginning the official adoption goes smoothly! We will be returning to Mombasa on Sunday.


nichole said...

i am loving your blog!

and what a beautiful little girl!

Mischia said...

Can't wait until we hear about your trip and see new baby pictures.

Michele Duke said...

Hey Allison and Dennis,
Anjela is absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful smile! Best wishes to all of you! Take care and have a safe trip home!

(By the way, Allison, this is Michele, from your jr high days!)