Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We are home

HI Everyone, Not much time to write at the moment but at least wanted everyone to know we are back in Mombasa safe and sound. We were delayed in coming home a bit cause we had to change our plans and go through the Nairobi Child Welfare Office in the capital city in the last few days. But we are fine, very tired but fine. Anjela Grace (yep thats the spelling of her name on her birth certificate we found out...long story!!) did wonderfully all on 4 planes we rode on and even on the village bikes we had to ride to get to where we were going...lots of adventure for sure..welcome to the life of the Omondis. Thanks to all those who have been praying for us..


Crystal said...

Dennis and Allison, Congratulations on the precious little one! I am so glad that all the paperwork is moving...Ok that is relative for Kenya :-)

Crystal said...

Congratulations on Angjia! Glad all is moving along in the adoption. I will be praying for it is Kenya ;-)