Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

This year I celebrated my first Mother's Day and what a special day it was. I never dreamed I'd be a mother this year especially so soon and suddenly. Yes we've been trying to have our own babies for quite some time now but God decided once again to do more than we could ever imagine and bless us with an extra special bundle of Joy in an extra special way. And now, WOW, I'm very blessed with a very special new daughter and a very wonderful husband who loves me and loves to make me feel special. Though here in Kenya Mother's Day isn't really celebrated Dennis went out of his way to be sure I was honored in our family. He surprised me with a big bouquet of flowers (which in this culture isn't just an easy trip to the supermarket or florist) and invited one of the college girls, Jackie to come and take care of Anjela, so that he could take me out to dinner and bowling. What a fun night we had. It was the first time we've been out alone since we got to Kenya. That morning at church he preached a very powerful Mother's Day message to all the husbands and fathers. Needless to say there were a lot of Amen's from all the Mama's in the congregation.

Here's the bouquet i received and And if you can't read what he wrote here it is: "To the best mother in the whole world. I always knew you'd make a good Mother, i just did not know you'd be this good! You have been a good mom to Anjela and an excellent wife to me.

Thanks Babe.
Happy Mother's Day!"

What a sweet husband I have!! I praise God for him.

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Jenna said...

Hey!! She is beautiful and I hate that I missed your phone calls....keep trying or let me know when I can call you! I miss you so you!