Sunday, June 15, 2008

Baba and his Balding Beauty

Well it looks like Baba got a hold of a pair of clippers on Father's Day....and this is what happened. Yep, Anjela is bald just like her Baba now. He intended to clip it, but just as I did to Dennis a few months back, he cut a little too much on one side so he ended up having to just shave the entire head. And funny thing is, she didn't mind it at all. She was a little squirmy but never cried a bit. Now Dennis calls her "Mr. Anjela". I still think our little girl looks BEAUTIFUL!! Her big beautiful eyes and sweet smile really shine now!! I think she looks like an African model myself.

Dennis celebrated his first Father's Day today. He woke up to the smell of sausage and pancakes and then I made him his favorite big yummy chocolate love cake tonight after returning from a long day at church and elsewhere. Anjela made him a sweet Father's Day card. I drew her little hands on some colored paper and taped them inside a card as a big hug from his little girl. We had fun making the card together for Dennis. I am so grateful for such a wonderful husband and Anjela is one blessed girl to have such a special Father!! We love you Baba and Babe!!

Also, here's a picture of Anjela and her Auntie Nelly, Dennis little sister who is boarding school here in Mombasa. Saturday was parents day and so Dennis and I and Anjela went to visit her for the day. We always enjoy being with Nelly. She is coming to stay with us a few days next week while school is on break for the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Father's Day Dennis
Erin Perry

Anonymous said...

What a BEAUTIFUL baby!!! I love her little bald head :)


Anonymous said...

Anjela is truly blessed.