Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Kenyan Rats

We LOVE to receive packages in the mail from Home.....we call them hugs in a box! What an encouragement it always is and what smiles it brings to our faces to receive a slip in our post office box saying we have an envelope or box waiting to be picked up. Well today was another one of those days...We had two packages awaiting us from the Smither's family, but of course there's never a dull moment for the Omondis. When we went to pick them up at the post office the one that contained ziplocks and oatmeal had already been, not by humans but by RATS....and they had torn open and eaten all the oatmeal!!! Every last bit of it but one envelope. So not only did the Smither's family bless us with ziplocks but they blessed some big hungry Kenyan rats at the post office. The packages must have sat in the post office for awhile before they alerted us that they were there. Yes we are sad we didn’t get to eat the oatmeal and sad that the SMither's family went to all that trouble to buy and mailus some yummy instant oatmeal but just had to laugh!! Unfortunately these kinds of things happen in this country all the time. IF there was anything else in that one package it must have been eaten also cause this is what we found....


Patrick said...

Stupid rats. That oatmeal was from Lauren and I. I guess we'll just have to send some more:)


p.s. we also sent you a ton of water flavor packets. did you ever get those? I hope so

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased that the Smither Family could bless even the Rats in Kenya :)
According to previous post looks like some more is on it's way, though.

Love from Texas!
Sherra' Smither & Family