Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July in Mombasa

Until we live in another country sometimes we forget that all those American holidays we grow up celebrating really are JUST American and are not in anyway celebrated by the rest of the world. But we as Serve Kenya, though we are living in Kenya can't forget our American roots and identity and therefore took a little break to stop and remember our American Independence Day. And of course we introduced our new daughter Anjela to her sort of American roots by dressing her in red, white and blue. Unfortunately there were no big cook outs or homemade ice cream but we had fun together going to Haller Park, a local nature trail that is famous for its big turtles roaming around. Anjela had a blast with the turtles and other animals. Here's a few of our favorite photos. If you want to see them all click HERE or on the first photo of Anjela looking at her Baba.....and you will be sent to the photo site.

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