Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Anniversary Getaway

Here's some photos from our 1 year anniversary weekend. What a great time we had on our anniversary get-away. It was the first time we've really had time to get away alone since we arrived in Kenya almost 4 months ago. We went to an all inclusive resort in Northcoast and stayed three nights. The weather wasn't as warm as we would have liked (believe it or not Mombasa has had some cool weather-meaning 70's) and it rained quite a bit but we had a blast. During the day we sat by the pool, went on a canoe ride in the ocean, played Scrabble, watched movies and enjoyed the hot water that came from the showers. I think Dennis took 3 long hot showers a day while i thoroughly enjoyed the warm baths. (we've missed warm showers a lot!!) As I said, this resort was all-inclusive including the drinks...(not usual in Kenya that sodas are included in any price) and Dennis drank his weight in fruit juice I have to say. His favorite was the fresh mixed fruit juice which he enjoyed at least 10 times a day. On one of the evenings during dinner, the staff of the hotel showered us with anniversary greetings with their kitchen made band and singing (they made instruments from water bottles, coffee pots, silverware, etc.) and even a small cake. It was great. The even decorated our chairs with beautiful flowers.
Dennis and his favorite new drink-mixed fruit!! I need to learn to make this fruit juice at home

While away we really missed our little Anjela. I know Auntie Jill got tired of us calling to check on her. We just couldn't help but miss her when we saw all the other kids jumping around and playing in the pool. But she was having lots of fun with Jill. If you go to Jill's blog you can see some of the fun they had....Here's just one

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Cobblestones said...

your anniversary getaway sounds just perfect! Now I'm craving some of that juice!! I didn't realize you guys don't have hot showers. you are amazing!!