Monday, September 1, 2008

God is faithfully answering

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for us since yesterdays urgent plea for prayer. God is already answering and we already have an update: Praise God! Today Allison went to the hospital and the doctor did several tests and found she has two very bad infections in her body. The first bacterial infection never responded from the antibiotics last week and the other bad throat and respiratory infection has hit her very hard and has not allowed her body to fight the first. But the doctor prescribed 2 very big gun antibiotics and Allison is already beginning to feel a little better.She's having some stomach upsets from the medications but is doing better. Also, we praise God we quickly found a temporary apartment to stay in that is affordable and within walking distance from the church. Its a little run down but with Dennis' handyman abilities, Allison's creativity, and a lot of bleach and scrubbing, we will make it work!! Its on the third floor so this provides much better safety and security. So we will finally be moving tomorrow. Please praise God with us and also continue to pray that our transition to Diani will go smoothly and that Allison's body will heal quickly.


Crystal said...

Thank you for being an example of faithfully waiting on God and how wonderful it is to see his answers! I will be praying. Love ya--Crystabell

Mark or Avery said...

Danis! thanks for the good work that you are doing of changing lives. you have been such an encouragment to me and some of my friends, we always ready your blog and w;ve been praying about your mother. I am sorry that i have not been so active in the blog thing but....Denis you might not know but you have been an encouragment and a blessing in my life. God bless your family.