Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Anjela Grace!!

Happy Birthday Anjela!!

Mama and Baba love you to pieces!! Today, Sept. 23rd is Anjela's FIRST Birthday!!
We can't believe she's already a year old. And that means she's been living with us for half of that. Wow, how time flies and how fast she is growing. We are amazed at just how much she changes everyday. And congratulations to Anjela, she took her first steps just two days before her first birthday..and if you look closely she even has her first tooth now. (finally)
So many firsts!! We are not only amazed at how fast our sweet little girl is growing these days but amazed at just how much we grow to love her more and more every single day. And i do have to say, she's becoming quite the Daddy's girl these days and beginning to have her Baba wrapped around her little pinky finger:):) No one can resist her smiles, laughter and big hugs and kisses she's learned to give. Oh what a blessing she is and Oh how much happiness and joy she has brought to our home. We love you Anjela Grace Akinyi.

Today was our team meeting day so Auntie Jill made Anjela a real American birthday meal of sloppy Joes and chips and then a yummy white cake with real American icing (thats a luxury here!) from a container. Thanks Auntie Jill!! That was so sweet and special. And we sang happy birthday and blew out candles (well, Mama and Jill helped a bit)

Anjela even wore a special beautiful birthday dress that Allison's friend Marcy's family (Mimi and Pop Nance) sent her in the mail all the way from America.(thanks so much yall!) It is so cute on her.

This Saturday we are going to have a birthday swimming party (cause she loves to swim) for her and invite many of her friends! (she has so many!! both young and old!) Thats when she's going to get her own little cake to dive into!! So stay tuned...

And if you want to see more pictures of today go to http://www.new.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2004851&l=e9cba&id=176300154

look at me, I'm ONE years old

oh and yes i might be a Daddy's girl but I certainly LOVE my Mama!!

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Joyce Mungah Wright said...

Happy Birthday Anjela. We are proud you took your first of many steps.