Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Little Angel

So many have asked about the adoption process...well please keep praying. We found out recently, to our disappointment, that all the time and energy and money we spent the last 6 months trying to figure out how we should go about adopting or obtaining legal guardianship of Anjela was, well can we say, BURE!! (meaning useless in swahili) We have been sent in one circle after the next only to find out recently that everyone we talked to didnt know what they were doing. This is KENYA my friends...no one can say they just don't know! But praise God in the last month or so we have finally found the right people and the right avenue to take to adopt Anjela.

It was God's providence that Allison started volunteering at the New Life Home Trust (children's home) awhile back and met someone who referred her to Little Angels Adoption Agency. Unfortunately their office was located in Nairobi but just in the last week they have opened a branch in Mombasa. And to our excitement we just happened to run into a man (dennis knows) in town and he told us his daughter was working as a social worker for little Angels. And we found out we know his daughter from college ministry!! Long story short, she made us an appt with the right people and we are in the application process. Its going to take some time and lots of hurdles but we pray God will speed it up. We even went to an adoption seminar and awareness day Little Angels put on last Saturday. It was encouraging to meet so many other Kenyan families adopting children. There we were able to meet the lawyer who most likely go to court with us. As we begin filling out lots of paperwork, we are waiting for Dennis' brother and wife to sign legal consent papers allowing us to adopt her. Please pray all this goes smoothly.


waitingarms said...

Been lurking on your blog for a while, but never commented before-though you have been on my thoughts and prayers. I so agree with you that in Kenya, no one ever admits that they do not know something!!!! I know how frustrating it can be!!!! I finally wised up and started finding out the name of the “big guy or big gal” was and going straight to that person. I would drop the name and display a self-assurance I did not have and the secretaries were never quite sure who I was—so they would let me see the mkubwa! If only they knew!

We are also on the adoption journey and had looked at adopting from Kenya. The adoption system in Kenya is indeed cumbersome and bureaucratic. There is only one other American couple I found on the web who had adopted from Kenya and they may be able to give you some insights on their journey. They were in Kenya for months during their adoption process and put through the wringer and back. I am sure they know the process inside out and may be able to give you some resources. Their blog is:


Prayers as you settle into your new place and as you go through the adoption journey. God’s best to your family.

Crystal said...

What amazing connections God has given you to bring this about. It will come and I can't wait to hear how God works.

Jessica said...

Lord, make this journey swift.

I sure love you guys. We talk about you all the time. Rusty is ready to pack us up and move us where you are!! I can't believe your little dear is already a year. I guess that means we're next! YIKES