Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Latest Update

Praise God our Skype was working well today and i was able to call the hospital room and talk to my Mom and sister several times today. My mom is doing well right now and hasn't been in very much pain at all. She just complains of discomfort from the catheter. My mom should be able to be discharged from the hospital today but will have to go home with the catheter still in her bladder so that it stays empty and the place where the tumor was removed can heal back properly. She's not too thrilled about this but I know she will manage. She will have some further testing done to be sure her bladder is healed and then on Monday will return to the doctor to have the catheter removed and also to hear the results of the tumor biopsy. Please continue to pray for her and for me as we await the results. And pray for my sister and her family as they take care of Mom this week.

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