Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Prayer Requests for this Month

Omondi Prayer Requests:
1-Pray that Allison will receive her dependant/resident pass from the Kenyan government quickly! We applied back in May and everytime we call or go to Nairobi to search for it immigration gives some excuse why its not finished. She needs this identification card in order to remain in the country legally. We also need this in hand in order to continue in the adoption process of Anjela.

2-Please pray that the process for adopting Anjela over these next few months will go smoothly and quickly. Pray we will find favor in the eyes of the courts and those in the entire process.

3-Our long time househelper and friend, Ruth suddenly stopped working for us. Pray we will find a new, faithful and trustworthy househelper that we feel comfortable having in our home on a day to day basis.

Kenya Team Requests:

1-Pray for our health and adjustment to the extreme heat/humidity that is starting now and will continue til next April.

2-Pray for Word of Life Fellowship Church. Pray for the growth of the discipleship process that is beginning to form. Pray for Jill as she heads up a single ladies ministry and Allison as she partners with Juddy to lead a married ladies Bible Study at the church. Pray for Dennis as he leads and shepherds the flock at WOLF, that he will stand strong and preach God's word boldly and truthfully despite any opposition or "tickling ears" that only want to hear what they want to hear.

3-Pray for the new BTCP class that has started in Ujamaa. Pray that the students will be faithful to the end and that God would strengthen and give wisdom to Dennis and Elly as they teach.

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