Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Well, at the end of day 2 we again thank the Lord for taking us all the way to Mtwapa and bringing us back home to Diani safely.

It was another good day. All the 35 pastors who came yesterday were present today as well. It was so encouraging to see their eagerness to learn this morning and at the end of the day their eagerness to return tomorrow for more teaching on discipleship.

Today Gayman continued teaching practical ways of personal discipleship. Our program is something like this: We meet in the morning and after a brief moment of praise, worship and prayer the first one-hour session begins with Gayman teaching through an interpreter. We then take a short tea break and return for the next one-hour session. The third and last session in the morning begins after another 15 minute break followed by lunch and then the afternoon question and answer time.

During the third session this morning I taught on the Role of women in the church and the home. This is such an important issue that these men have been asking for since last summer. Today I finally was prepared enough to talk about the issue. It made for very good discussion in the afternoon Q n A time. One of the pastor's wife who is a BTCL student summed it all up well when she said, "I am a pastors wife and a student of BTCL, I knew it was not right for me to preach in the church but did not have anything to back my theory up and today I am "saved " and will know what to tell people next time they ask me to preach in my capacity as the "first lady" at our church."

The host pastor Chiro (left) and Gayman's interpreter having a discussion about the Role of women in the church during lunch break. These men really encourage me a lot, just to know that in them we have men who in the middle of a village where most pastors have punted sound doctrine that they have decided to stand strong encourages me beyond words - God is good all the time.

Col 1:28 We proclaim him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ. Col 1:29 To this end I labor, struggling with all his energy, which so powerfully works in me. All I ask tonight as we go to bed is for you to please pray these two verses for us as we continue with the conference tomorow and as we finish on Friday.

Your loving brother in Christ

Dennis Omondi

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