Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Good Day in North Coast

We got back home a few hours ago from North Coast after a long but very good day!

It was encouraging to see all the men and the excitement in their faces when we showed up...they were hungry for the Word and ready to learn.

Gayman taught on practical personal disciple making the whole morning and will continue on the same tomorrow. Most of the pastors were excited today as they were hearing a lot of this for the first time.

In the afternoon we had a question and answer time. It was a time where the pastors talked about what stood out for them during the morning teachings.

Students here are listening attentively. I hope this will help you pray as you see these men learning the Bible.

Prayer at the end of the day.

Please Join us in thanking God for a wonderful and safe day as we drove to and from North Coast [Mtomondoni]. Pray for us as we return tomorrow for another day of learning and encouragment from God's Word.

Dennis Omondi

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