Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Approved to Adopt...but still not yet

This week we got a call from Little Angels saying that they have approved us as "able to adopt", however they still have to approve us to adopt Anjela. They had their official visit to Busia to visit Anjela's brother and wife (Anjela's biological parents) but they are waiting for the social worker to send her report. Then they will meet again and decide to approve or not approve us legally to adopt Anjela, THEN....we will have to hire a lawyer and go to court...Kenyan court that please please keep praying. It just keeps taking so long!! All of this was suppose to be finished by the end of January..but this is Kenya my friend, what actually gets done on time?!? What was I expecting? Please pray this can all be done quickly so we can get Anjela's passport (another long process) and then a Visa (an yet another process) so we can actually travel by the end of May to be at Denton Bible's mission conference. If we dont have all this completed, Dennis will have to travel to the States by himself and me and Anjela stay behind in Kenya.

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