Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pray for a Miracle!

Please Pray for Anjela's adoption. At this point Dennis might be coming to the States to Denton for the annual DBC missions conference in May by himself and Anjela and i will have to stay behind in Kenya for over two weeks. We still can't leave the country with her. We will be so disappointed and this will be very hard on us all. The lawyer keeps coming up with new things we have to do before going to court.Now he is saying we have to get Anjela's biological parents ID cards (which by the way they have never had made.Wish they would have told us this months and months ago.)Getting these IDs could take forever. Dennis has his brother in law working on this for us in Busia. And then even after we go to court we still have to get Anjela a passport and then go to to US Embasay in Nairobi to try to get her a VISA. And this could take forever. And we need to have all this done by May. Its going to take a miracle! Please pray!

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Mischia said...

I know the God who can do such miracles. I'm praying for all those things to happen so you and that sweet girl can come to the States!