Monday, May 4, 2009

Back from Busia

Well we are back from Busia now and getting back in the swing of everyday life here in Diani; ministry and relationships. We were happy to come home and find the rains are beginning and the nights are a bit cooler. With the rain comes lots of mosquitos though so time to use the mosquito nets again.

Our trip to Busia went really well. The long drive there was a bit eventful but we arrived safely. We had a bad puncture in the cold pouring rain just outside of Nairobi which forced us to have to stop, remove all our luggage and everything from the back to remove the spare tire. Not being used to the cold weather we were actually shivering as we waited for Dennis to change the tire. Luckily we came upon a petrol station where the tire was repaired. Then we thought we were doing well until the car started shaking severely and forced us to have to make another stop, this time for the night in Nakuru cause it was getting dark. But in Nakuru we found a good mechanic to repair the car and we were on our way the next morning.

Our stay in Busia with Dennis' family went very well. Anjela really enjoyed meeting her new little brother David but was a bit shy towards her biological parents. She was very clingy to Mama but as the week went by she opened up and let them play and hold her. Baby David is a cutie-pie and has lots of hair. We were very happy to find that he is being taken care of very well by his mom, the second wife, and the other ladies living at the house. They call him King David. He is the only boy born in the family since Dennis so he's held very high. He loves to be held and has the cutest smile. He has one dimple like Anjela but on the opposite side of his face. I enjoyed taking my sweet friend Betty along with us. She and I had lots of fun together and she helped out tons with Anjela. Anjela had an amazing time running around the dirt compound, chasing the cows and goats and chickens. She learned to say "mbuzi" (she says mbushy) and "ngombe" while she was there. (goat and chicken in Swahili) I'm so glad i brought lots of clothes for her cause i can't tell you the number of times i had to change her clothes after she fell in the mud, water, and even the cow poop.

Also while we were there Dennis was able to finish putting in the plumbing and got the water running through the pipes of our little one bedroom house there in the compound. (we've been working on building this since 2005.) We painted the room in the bedroom and put glass in the window panes just in time for us to be able to sleep in the house the last two nights. It was a good but dusty nights sleep and Anjela and i walked away with bad colds from it but we are so happy to have officially "opened" our little house. Its still got a long way to go but its in shape enough we can sleep there when we go upcountry to visit his family.
Here's some photos of our time upcountry:

This is one of my favorites. Anjela is sitting on my back. She's quite a ham these days. And David is sitting in Betty's lap.

Have no idea what she is sticking her tongue out for

King David himselfI love this picture... Anjela is not sure what to think..but David is having a fun time

Big sis and her little brother in Busia

Anjela with her biological Mom, Nyaseme

Here's our little be continued...
Me, pouring water from the well

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Mischia said...

I was wondering last night when you were coming back. I miss you when I don't hear from you.

Thanks for the pictures! That girl gets bigger each day!

Praying for your healing and rest and the energy you need to jump back into things.