Sunday, April 19, 2009

Traveling to Busia

Just a quick note to ask you faithful blog readers to pray for us. We are traveling to Busia (all the way on the other side of the country bordering Uganda) to visit Dennis' family including his Mom, brother and sis in law (Anjela's biological parents), and all the other relatives that will show up when we get there. We will also get to meet Anjela's little 5 month old biological brother David for the first time. Its going to be a very interesting time for all of us.We also hope to put some of the main finishing touches on the little house we are building there so that its to the point we can at least stay the night in it. We leave at 5am in the morning (monday) on our long, mostly bumpy and dusty 2 day journey to the other side of the country on the border of Uganda. We will be in Busia for one week and then start traveling back on the 27th, stopping in Nairobi for a few days to follow some of Anjela's adoption paper work. We should be back in Mombasa by the 1st of May. Please please pray for safety for us as we drive. Dennis will be driving most of the way and I will assist as needed. Anjela usually does very well in the car but its a very long journey so even more perseverance is needed. I am also excited that we will be taking my sweet friend Betty along with us. Please pray for safety and that our time in Busia will be a very fun and pleasant time with family and meeting baby David. Also, I am praying it will be a time of REST away from the heat and busyness of our day to day life in Mombasa.

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Michael and Christina said...

I love you guys. Seeing your pictures makes me miss you badly. I will endeavor to be more consistent in my prayers for Anjela's adoption to be finalized. Michael and I are in the process of trying to adopt as well, but we don't have a baby in the house just yet.