Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Car has been provided

Praise God...the same day Dennis sent out an email he has a car to drive. God is good and certainly provides. We were overwhelmed with the number of emails we got from our friends back in Denton offering to let Dennis use their car, rent him a car, or look for him a car. Thank you everyone for your prayers. Dennis is very excited about seeing everyone in Denton at the Missions Conference. He leaves a week from Monday to head to Denton. Please start praying for Anjela and I now as we remain behind in Kenya. Going to be hard not having Baba around.. We already miss him and he hasn't even left yet:):)--Allison

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Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how you feel. If Wesley had to go anywhere for more than a day I would miss him terribly. At risk of sounding like a total SAP I confess that I miss him when he goes to work.
Hang tight. We will pray for you. Safe journey Denno! Call us when you get a chance.