Monday, May 18, 2009

Pray for Samuel

Many of you may remember our dear friends Margaret and Samuel and their baby son John. They were the first couple to get married in our church last year. Allison has become very close to Margaret and has been meeting with and discipling her each week. Recently Samuel fell very sick. He finally had a CAT Scan done last week and it showed that he has a blood clot and bleeding in his brain (has a subdural hematoma). He has finally sought medical attention and will be having surgery tomorrow morning 7am (which is tonight around midnight American time) to remove the blood that is in his brain. Samuel is around 25 yrs old and is in very serious condition and will be having this procedure at a government hospital just outside Nairobi. Needless to say we are very concerned for him and his dear wife and son. Please pray that God would give the doctors great wisdom and steady hands and that Samuel would recover quickly and stay free from infection!! Pray also for Margaret. This has been very tough on her. Pray that God would give them great peace and strength during this time and that He would also provide all that will be needed for the hospital expenses. The top picture is of them just before they were married last year and the other of all three of them at Valentines this year.

Thank you all for your love and prayers!
Dennis, Allison and Anjela Omondi

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